When it comes to domestic window cleaning Perth, then they require self-cleaning. Dirt and such particles can increase with time and can have an influence on the electricity produced by a unit. However, bird droppings and grime aren’t the only two things that can lodge a complete panel. This is the point where cleaning your solar panels is a must. But, when we talk about keeping them for a long time, replacing solar panels can also be an option.

So, if you are having trouble cleaning your solar panels, then don’t panic at all, because following are some tips that will surely come in handy.

When we talk about cleaning your solar panels, it is important to consider safety. Before you start the procedure, make sure to shut down the system. Another safety measure is to take your system down to the ground and clean it there. You need to have a good quality brush and a sponge that has a plastic blade on its one side and a sponge covered with cloth on its other side coupled with a wide extension that will act as a great tool to help you stay on the ground. Also, you need to use a hose that has a suitable nozzle which will get into the panels to clean out the dirt properly.

If it isn’t possible to clean your panels from the ground, then don’t be a hero. You need to have the proper equipment for cleaning your panels from the rooftop. But, if you don’t have the equipment, then hire a professional to do your work for you.

Make sure to clean your solar panels on a cloudy day, in the early morning or evening. If the sun is on top of the panels, the remaining drops of water or dirt may evaporate and it can get messy. A good time to clean your solar panels is in the early morning because the dew on the panels will get softened, this means, less effort will be required for you to clean your panels.

If your panels are very dry, before you shower it with water, brush the loose particles off first, your cleaning process will become easier and effective that way.

For removing the dirt particles, do not use harsh abrasive materials or object. If you scratch a glass on a solar, it will affect the performance of it and will increase shadowy effects. Also, do not use detergents. It is better to hire best solar panel cleaning in Perth because they are not only reliable, but they will do the process effectively.

 Don’t touch your solar panel for cleaning unless you notice any dirt particles. If it isn’t broken, then why bother fixing it? When we talk about replacing solar panels, then most solar panels last about 25 years with a guarantee of performance. So, you have 40 years to go with it. But, if you still have the need to replace it, then you can do it.

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