Tell Me – I’ll Forget But Involve Me – I’ll Remember


You may have seen parents taking their kids to baby pools even when they are around six, seven months to teach them how to swim at such a small age. Can you ever teach a baby to swim without actually taking them to a pool? I’m quite sure you would be thinking what a stupid question that is at the back of your mind because there are certain activities that need active involvement. If you don’t involve the person who needs to learn, then he or she will never learn. When it comes to specific subject content, like English literature or history the students are only expected to listen, make notes and remember what is taught.

People go to an aviation training institute, swimming club or a driving school as one cannot simple tell and learn these unless they practically get the person involved. If you have parents who swim well, then you may not need to go to a personal trainer to teach you that or even when it comes to riding a bicycle, you may not need a professional supervising you but flying a plane or taking a motor vehicle, a little professional support could be helpful. These are some ways it could help you sharpen your skills as a motorist.

Good foundation

When you have a good driving instructor at Blacktown backing you up with proper rules and procedure in motor handling, you will get a solid foundation of knowledge and practice. If you learn from someone who is not a professional, they might teach you the basics but end up not teaching you all the rules that may be useful in other places. A house built on a good foundation can be safe and quite long lasting and so is the learning of any skill with a proper base could help in multiple ways.

Good preparation

A person in the industry itself would have more experience and tips in preparing a learner for the examination or rather trial than a person outside of it. They will set you up with textbook knowledge as well as practice to make you a confident motorist.

Good Insurance

If you have passed out from a recognized learner institute, you can get a good discount off your insurance cover as well.  This gives the insurance company the assurance that you are less likely to cause accidents to your vehicle as well as others. If you learn from somewhere else, then insurance company will have not be confident of how safe you are. These are some of the great positives that you will gain by getting trained under a good institute which will help you become a safe and confident driver.